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The summit provides a true meeting of the minds by inviting innovative leaders from the A/V industry to discuss their work. These artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers will offer kick-ass presentation on one topic each day for your enlightenment and enjoyment.


The NavAI brings a user-friendly, natural-vision auto framing and auto tracking camera to the modern classroom or workspace. Experience online classes and meetings that have the effortless feel of in-person interactions.

Amazon Basics (Large Case)

-Large protective case for storing and transporting camera equipment; quickly converts to a rolling case -The pressure equalization valve creates a tight and watertight seal; Water resistant to 3.3 ft for up to 30 minutes. IP67 rating (independently tested) -Pre-cut foam squares allow interior customization; equipped with a folding side handle for easy transport and extendable top handle when used as a wheel box -Exterior measurements 21.9 "x 13.7" x 9.8 "and interior measurements 20.5" x 10.8 "x 7.5"; Meets carry-on regulations for most domestic US carriers and the FAA's maximum size for carry-on bags

Atomos Shinobi

Introducing Shinobi Go anywhere and see everything exactly how you want it with the Atomos Shinobi – a high brightness 1000nit 5 inch HDMI monitor that’s perfect for vloggers, creatives and photographers.

Atomos has been developing amazing monitor and recorder technology for years in order to simplify and improve video creation. Shinobi, our first stand-alone small monitor features all of our amazing screen processing technology and professional monitoring tools – now packed into a 5 inch ‘monitor only’ device.

MD-HX (Decimator Design)

The MD-HX is a truly portable converter, that incorporates our new easy to use LCD and button control system. This gives you easy access to all of the amazing features that have been unavailable without a computer until now. The days of having to play with annoying dip switches or having to carry around a computer to change a simple setting are gone.

The Streaming Guide

As a future event attendee, you will be gifted with the ultimate resource to streamline and enhance your tech experiences. In The Streaming Guide, we quantify every single detail that goes into implementing successful streaming setups from bit-rates to streaming best practices. And guess what? It comes in handy for any other conference or setup as well!